Waypoint GPS™

The Waypoint GPS™ is a fully disposable, single-use pedicle probe that provides physicians with real-time visual feedback of the location of the cutting edge of the probe. This feedback can help physicians identify the location of the probe in the pedicle as they advance it, avoiding cortical breaches and reducing the radiation required during traditional surgery.

The Waypoint GPS™ uses proprietary color sensing technology which provides the physician with the information needed to determine the difference from cancellous and cortical bone, preventing cortical breaches. The Waypoint GPS™ looks and feels like a standard re-usable pedicle probe and requires little change technique. It simply enhances the surgeons experience through the use of this smart, disposable instrument.

Waypoint GPS App

The proprietary, app based platform provides the operator with real-time color display of the location of the tip of the Waypoint GPS probe. The App is hardware platform agnostic and can be used with a variety of tablets. The Waypoint GPS connects via secure bluetooth, through an intuitive and user friendly operating system.